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Uppsala University

Faculty of Pharmacy

Box 256
751 05 , Uppsala

Sweden's only faculty of pharmacy was established in Uppsala in 1968. Before that there was a pharmaceutical institution in Stockholm since 1837. The Faculty has a national responsibility for research and higher education in the fields of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical bioscience, and pharmacy. With its three departments, the Faculty constitutes a dynamic centre for everything relating to pharmaceuticals. 

The Faculty, with its 1200 students, offers a 3 years Bachelor of Science Programme in Pharmacy and a 5 years Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy. In additions to this the Faculty offers a 2 years Master Programme in Drug Management and a 2 years 

Master Programme in Drug Discovery and Development. An one year specialication in clinical pharmacy is also run by the Faculty.

A master's programme in engineering with specialisation in chemical technology for pharmaceuticals and materials is also offered by the Faculty. This programme is run in collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Technology. 

Research is organised in three major programmes: drug development, drug delivery and drug usage. Pharmaceutical research and graduate education have close and natural interfaces with the pharmaceutical industry, the national system of pharmacies, and other sectors of health and medical care. Major portions of the Faculty's activities are moving forward the frontiers of research and have attracted international attention. The Faculty has extensive international contacts and, together with sister universities in London, Leiden, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Paris, is part of the ULLA Network for co-operation in research and postgraduate education.